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So being in Greece wasn't bad, all things considered. During my hike I had only seen one or two Tots, nothing I couldn't handle. By now, it had been about two years since the infection had started. Thankfully though, it wasn't like they were the "dead reincarnated" as all(more)
The morning sun slowly painted itself across the sky. I lay motionless on the dirt ground, inhaling the fresh smell of the peat. Even if the humidity was high, this day was relatively cold compared to the rest. My arm was crinkled, thanks to the pressure of my face(more)
Sitting under the makeshift shelter provided sort of a comforting room. The fire quickly warmed the area, in spite of the cool winter threatening to overcome the night. I sat, humming quietly a song to myself that I had learned to sing before "The Tot". Although I was so(more)
The rolling eventually stops, as I feel my back brush up against rough sand. It isn't the soft, warm sand of the southern coasts, but rather a mysterious northern rocky coast.  I twitch at the uncomfortable touch of the land, it had been so long since i've felt its embrace.(more)
You'd think that I would be able to control myself now- but I cannot. No matter how hard I try, I'm stuck in a horrible whirlwind of repeating agony. It's like I've been asking for this all my life.

So I float, ever so gently. By now, the(more)