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I am wandering through my hometown,
or my old town.
Maybe its not my
hometown anymore.
I walk the same streets,
looking at the same cracks in the asphalt. (more)
Where you are,
I am not.
You are whiskey,
now you are beer.
I am suddenly aroun the corner
looking at you, (more)
I have been thinking about you for some time, you are barely in my eye. Watching, thinking, dreaming, wanting to hold your hand. All that mushy cheesy stuff. I am slightly here, and barely there. You drink whiskey most of the time, I drink beer most of the time.(more)
He was just on his way out with his skateboard when the rain started pouring down. I thought to myself that karma was kicking in. Then I remember that I had been spilling hot water on my toes twice this last week. I wondered to myself who it was(more)