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free range
You have become a person you promised yourself you'd never be. You drew yourself a cozy perimeter, nestled uncomfortably within the jagged, interlocking edges of those around you. You told yourself you must trust, so you did not build walls. Then you let those lines become blurred by the(more)
take it back - first the words,
then keep unraveling the days

take it back, prehistoric, to a time
your emotional range hadn't ratcheted up exponentially.
imagine a time before that
night you missed the 5am greyhound transfer,
and they had fallen asleep, so you were alone, (more)
She could have walked away.
Just stood up and walked away, but she didn't. Mrs Allen, fifteen years into a sentence as a junior high school teacher, had seen japes and shenanigans before.
This time, seven on one, surrounding the boy, shouting and jeering, pushing and shoving, calling hi(more)
Saying that anyone has grit is a blasphemy to all that's come before it.

Moments and spaces in time are disjointed, random, nonlinear. To have grit is to say you can handle it, that you can put forth with the sordid memories, the deep regrets, the quiet moments(more)
I'm writing to the trash bin
Where you'll never look twice
But I'll revisit.

I'll make it a dwelling-
A place to stew and burst
one whole year with holes in it

one whole year of you
off on and on off
on paper, my terms
off script, your terms (more)
It was a dream of a wedding. Not a wedding of the real world where there is divided feelings, doubt, boredom, and dread. It was a dream wedding of beauty.

In the dream, she followed her best friend down the street. A playful chase. A destination on mind(more)
I could be anything.

I sit idle, a hot twist of molecules in a river of radiating light. Stars are born and die around me, civilizations crumble, and my heart beats. Profound loves spark into life, and my heart beats. Better people than I can ever hope to(more)
It wasn't enough, it never was, never could be.

I pulled over about 30 miles outside Seeley Lake, having been on the road for almost 20 hours. Mountains on all sides. Dense undergrowth and trees in a corridor all along the lakes. Dirt roads leading to trailheads and(more)
What you need more of:
drugs & drink
reasons (to stay, to leave, to abandon)
coffee (more)
Rachel looked at the customer's ID. The girl was buying the sort of liquor that attracted minors: sweet as soda and the colour of Crayolas. It raised suspicion.

The girl was very clear-eyed and pretty, in a pain-in-the-ass kind of way. Born 1999. People from every year of(more)
He'd taken the hit as they escaped into the thick alien jungle; hesitating too long on a shot when the plasma bolt scored a line of fire across his face and caused him to stumble backward, falling into darkness.

A blur of impressions followed, a mixture of being(more)
Ruth could open her eyes at almost anytime of day or night and not remember where she was. The consistent thing was her bed. It was a familiar rumpled den that smelled like her. But beyond that, the world was an ocean she was unmoored in. The easy forgetfulness(more)
I watched the embers of my torch smolder out. I tunneled in on the fading light, and it became my whole world.  It seared itself into me, looming, and I let it. There was nothing else. I knew it was the last thing I'd ever see.
“Where am I?”

“In the house of Hakon. You’ve been here for two days, recovering from your fever.”  

The voice was as refined as red wine, bespeaking good lineage and wealth. The soft bed beneath Ormar lent credulity to the claim. “Who is this?”  

“Eystr, atten(more)