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This was his chance. Quentin watched with wide eyes as Nea tilted her head and spat in Michael's eyes. Seeing the giant monster take a step back and shake his head in surprise almost made Quentin laugh, but instead he waved his hand just enough so that Nea could(more)
Very rarely, perhaps once every fifty trials, Quentin is blessed with the feeling of absence. The absence of Freddy from the corner of his mind, and in his dreams. He always notices it immediately, and never questions why it happens-perhaps Freddy gets bored watching him, and moves on to(more)
Stale beer. Strewn glasses. Sweating cans. Wet rings on polished wood. Big Ed steps under the light. Towels the sweat off his forehead. Mumbles something about a special guest into an overly-hot mic.

Nobody looks up. 'Cept me. When I see Lev hunch his way to the stool(more)
The first time happened during Quentin's second trial.

Surprisingly, although the first had been bad, afterwards when he woke up in front of the campfire he had only felt relief as he cried his eyes out in front of the other survivors. The next trial, however, he realize(more)
You thought that to keep it together,
you needed to keep it within you.
All that time you let the knots tighten at the core,
fray at the edges
unevenly (more)
"Ew," Nea said, upon first seeing Meg. The other woman scowled, and even the mud on her face couldn't keep Nea from noticing the embarrassed blush on her cheeks. "Shut up," Meg said. "Dwight accidentally tripped me."
Claudette stiffened as she heard the whirring of a chainsaw start up again. She'd been too late for the others, and now it was just her versus the Hillbilly.

She never knew just what to make of him-a large part of her time she spent against him, sh(more)
"C'mon," Lance said, head tilted back against the bathroom door as he turned the maintenance lock, the metal giving a solid, satisfying click. Shiro leaned in, forearm pressed against the door beside Lance's head, brows drawn together as he furiously, silently reminded himself where he was and what he(more)
Dwight sat underneath the windowsill as he tried to catch his breath. He must have already spent half an hour creeping through the grass and trees, but the trapdoor was nowhere to be seen, and the Trapper was most likely aware of what he was aiming for.
"Enjoying the view?" Quentin called down.

Michael didn't answer, but the younger man saw him adjust his grip on his knife after a pause. That was all the answer he needed, anyways, as he turned back to the generator on the second story of the house. "Let m(more)
"Dwight," Meg began, her voice dangerously low. "What did you do to my wallet?"
"Meg, we're in hell," he said. "Your wallet doesn't do anything but weigh you down. What were you thinking, asking  Claudette to hang back with you until you found it? Are you worried The Wraith's going(more)
Footsteps above him. Meg's final dying scream could be heard on the other side of the neighborhood. Quentin cowered behind the chest, squeezing his eyes shut as if he could ignore the horrible view around him.

He was in the basement- in the jaws of the beast. (more)
Your mind is the hardest place

In the jaws of the shark
it's easier,
there is just one thing
to focus on. (more)
"Next time you're in the area, leave me a sign," Evan said, as he hugged Jake to his chest and prepared to put him up onto the hook. "I won't go so hard. You'll have a chance of escaping-"
"And you'll have a chance of being punished," Jake said.(more)
Broken promises still have merit. We need them more than we know. What we first find when analyzing them is the regret of a choice made and a goal unmet. We compare that outcome to the prospect of absolute success.

But there are more shades to it.   (more)