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jammed up
"Wow," Aster said, leaning against the tree after watching Jack work the magic of his staff for nearly the entire afternoon. "That's really something."
Jack gasped, turning around and pointing his staff towards the bunny. "You-! How long have you been there, you creep?" Jack asked, cheeks lighting up(more)
    Ever since the first wobbly revolutions of the Edison cylinder, the playback of recorded sound has depended on the vibration of air molecules, directed in such a way that the tympanic membrane, located in near enough proximity, can receive them.  This is an entirely mechanical process whic(more)
"There's still a chance!" she shouted, deflecting a swing from the chainsaw as the beast before them growled and charged at her. "There's still a chance to save him!"
"Look at him, Yatho!" Hien demanded, shaking his head at her.
"He's too far gone. I mean it."
"He's gon(more)
Sometimes I think about downgrading my job, or - more accurately - taking on a secondary, much different job. It would be like assuming a disguise. The economic equivalent of stepping into a phone booth to change clothes, emerging and walking around in a different context where no one(more)
God must have been laughing when I pictured our futures together. But I wasn’t what you were looking for, at least not in the end. I was short on affection, short on words, short on love, short on everything.
I've never once been totally obsessed with something. A man of many hats. A jack of all trades but master of none. Fickle. I flicker my interests, moving from one project to the next with relative ease. My topics of conversation are fluid, running through the minutes like a(more)
Downtown Vancouver, on Friday afternoon - a blazing sunny Friday in April. The throng on the streets comes as a shock; I don't always leave the house on my days off, which occur randomly. Seeing everybody out bustling my heart kicks like a caged dog chasing rabbits in its(more)
I found you when I lost everything else. I'm not sure you're worth it.
“It’s my brain, doc.” I said, my feet tapping against the resonant metal sides of the exam table. “I think it’s shrinking.”

As if he hadn’t heard, he shone his penlight into my right eye, then the left.

I went on:  “I don’t like the things I used(more)
"Get out," he said, without turning around. "You have no business here."
"I do," the man behind him said, and when Biker turned around, the dread he felt was overwhelming.

Of course it would be him. (more)
"You're really good at this," he gasped, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Yatho set one hand on her hip, pretending to examine her nails as she waited for him to recover.

"Am I? I hardly noticed." (more)
Her eyebrows shot up almost comically.
"You really wanna know?"

When he nodded, she let out a noise like a snort, but the expression on her face was far from humorous.
"You know what I tell people?" (more)
Wet dumpster metal glinting in cadmium streetlight. Car horns slurring. A crowd of strained voices. There were other people out there, somewhere. There doesn't seem to be anyone now.

Head thrown back. Tracers flit across eyes. Chipped white reflective paint phosphorescing on asphalt. There's a hum coming fro(more)
The assassin laying on the floor groaned as his burnt body was giving out, succumbing to death.  Yari appeared out of thin air, pearl tears streaking down her face, as she let out a gentle cry.  She raised her faintly glowing blue dagger high in the air.  His eyes met hers as(more)
It's a race against the ache.
I just want to be warm
And loved
And alone.