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Lance stood naked in the surf, hands propped on his hips and staring aghast at Shiro. "What do you mean," he said, "you don't know how to swim."

Shiro was still seated in the soft sand, far enough back from the waves lapping the beach. He shrugged, a(more)
"Congratulations, Atsushi~kun," Dazai nearly sang, slinging himself around the corner of the row of desks and draping himself dramatically in his chair. He propped both of his elbows on the desk, chin in his hands, and proceeded to sparkle at Atsushi, who was staring very intently at his laptop(more)
"What was that?" Gotou said, as Masayoshi shifted on his lap again. He'd been distracted and Masayoshi pouted at him, arms hooked over Gotou's shoulders as he settled in close.

"What was what?" Masayoshi shifted a little and sank the rest of the way, shuddering as their bodies(more)
The scariest moment of Crowley's life happens hours before the end of the world is set to occur.

It happens in Aziraphale's bookshop, with no angel in sight, and his entire cluttered collection of novels and poems burning and turning into ash.
Crowley falls to the floor an(more)
Masayoshi wiggled impatiently in the bed. The upside to cramming two fully-grown men into one twin-sized bed was that there was no way for Gotou to pretend he wasn't clingy in his sleep - but that was also the downside, as Gotou had Masayoshi in an iron grip, one(more)
"What have you got there?" Shiro said. He'd looked up when the door had banged open and Lance trundled through, naked save his coat and carrying a large, damp bag by its bottom. "And why are you dripping? Don't put that down on the carpet."
"You know," Lance said, sitting down next to James in the sand. "If you really feel that left out, you can always ask Shiro to bite you or something."

James, who had been watching Shiro and Keith race in the surf, blinked once and repeated Lance, confused. "...bite(more)
I was 15. I was young. My first crush was Captain Nemo in "20,00 Leagues Under the Sea." Plus, I wanted to own something. I bought an aquarium. It ended horribly.  

At 15, I thought I was elderly. I was smothering in life. I was too stupid to(more)

Masayoshi held the phone away from his ear. He didn't even have the speakerphone on and that got the attention of at least a half dozen staff. "Don't yell," he said, cross, when he tentatively returned the phone to(more)
"I think it's time for a bigger place," Lance said, brushing his teeth at the kitchen sink. Shiro was blearily shuffling around behind him, searching fruitlessly for the coffee pot.

"My cabin's the perfect size for us," Shiro argued, squeezing around behind Lance again and opening the fridge.(more)
"It still feels weird," Shiro said, touching the back of his head as he squinted into the mirror. Keith had dutifully trimmed his hair again, evening it out further, while Lance watched from the couch in the living room. "I liked it long."
We are not WE until we become the selves we see in our unliving ancestors' locked-away and dreaming eyes,

We are not WE until we recognize it is our own yearning we hear in the shapeless cries of the newly-made,
Gotou rinsed his plate and listened as the television droned on in the main room. Masayoshi insisted on helping clean up but Gotou forestalled his assistance by clearing the dishes expertly and ordering him to stay put and enjoy his show. It hadn't helped, Masayoshi had followed him to(more)

You looking at me
like I am made of mirrors
and blue glass.
Me looking at you (more)
Shiro shuffled in the coffee line and wondered, once again, how he got volunteered for this. Well he knew it was because he was the only one awake enough to stand in line, as Lance was asleep in the passenger seat, bare feet up on the console and half-reclined.(more)