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Our minds have become
Modern and spacious
Empty and waiting to be filled
To be decorated with thoughts
Like strings of lights
Dancing across the room (more)
The fish with damask scales hung from the ceiling by a cord.  The corpse was stiff but still damp.  In the night, someone had broken into the modern and spacious Ogilvy mansion and, ignoring the Rembrandt prints on the wall and other treasures, had gone straight to the aquarium room.  The intr(more)
I can barely speak, my mouth is so dry, and the air pushing out of my lungs feels like fire on my throat. The young man leaning over me looks confused and horrified.

Water, I mouth at him, but he doesn't understand. My sunburnt face and animalistic eyes(more)
I pick him up and hold him in front of the fridge. A ragged winter moth has fumbled its way inside and plastered itself against the brushed aluminum. His nose twitches, short wifts of air jetting from the folds of his nostrils.
The sands of time were real as AF.
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."

he's yelling at me on the phone and i'm placing the phone on the garbage can lid. it's one of those teeter totter lids that gets stuck on bundles of used tissue.
I call in sick to social gatherings.
genesis leaned against the bar, slowly sipping on a glass of wine, and, once again, flipping through the worn pages of his copy of LOVELESS. when the glass wasn't against his lips, he found himself softly reading along. he closed the book once he reached the fifth act, reciting(more)
"There is a certain slant of light."

It's about time to drive yourself crazy. Book a flight to Spain to have human trafficking haunt you. Take a job at a bookstore to put more knots in your back. Pick up English courses to put more notches in your(more)
nights spent under the nibelheim sky, watching the stars twinkle and promise admirers a breathtaking display. wind that blew softly, almost caressing their faces as it passed. wolves howled in the distance, not close enough to pose any threat, but close enough that both spectators of the stars inched(more)
"hey baby, tuck's fight is on in a couple minutes."

cal remembers the easy way his brother used to be: long before boxing matches, before coming home spitting up blood and pushing bones back into place, before he'd crawl into bed an ancient man, bruised and bloodwarm, befor(more)
I decided to have it removed, electively.  That meant insurance wouldn't cover it.  But considering  the long-term gain I hoped it would bring to me and my ultimate sense of well being, I thought the high price negligible.
I shall never get you put together entirely.

The messages are inconsistent. But I have viewed them all. And I know.

I think of you when I hear The Growlers. And all the authors.

the darkness wrapped around him like a blanket, warm and comforting. it was becoming harder and harder to keep his eyes open. he wanted so much to lean into the darkness, let it envelop him, take away all of his worries. how easy it would be just to give(more)
Surrounded by generations of kindness and the warm sounds of her loved ones welcoming the impending joyful holiday season, she could only discern the sound of her own shadow whispering to let this be the last night she heard anything ever again.