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Poor man's dollar is spent before he earns it. Life a cascading array of what he should be doing, could be doing - a better life watched from afar, stranded in a dream-life where no one wants to be. Real life glittering past the window of a fast-moving train(more)
He got up off the couch when he heard keys in the lock.  

No-one else had keys to his apartment. He wasn't expecting anybody.    
Today is shit and this is already a fact at 2 am., 4 a.m, 5 - whenever the brain has a hiccup and wakes up, gasping for air the way it happens in sleep lately. Heart feeling too fat. Body breaking down, not that anything can be proven in(more)
There was something missing, though I couldn't say what. I was aware, when something needed to be done. But I couldn't make my body move until there was nothing left to do. Waif-like, I wondered through the house at all hours of the night, with no particular goal and(more)
Hidden in the movie were the smallest details that you could only glean time after time after time of watching the same scenes over and over again. It's not until you can mimic the scenes, breathe the performance that it all becomes apparent.
His girlfriend slept at last, her pale cheek on his rolled-up sweater. It was not raining. He kept his shell on, cuffs tugged around his hands for added protection against the chill. He wanted a coffee! And Timmie's was just 30 feet away. He couldn't leave her. She had(more)
In the news today, a woman testified in court. She spoke about her abuse at the hands of a man. It is the same news as yesterday, and the day before. It was heard a month, two, five months ago.

In the news tomorrow, people threaten her. Peopl(more)
"Unasseppable!" he says to his stuffed animals, the piercing octave of anger toddler voice trailing down the stairs into the kitchen. Shit. What have I taught him? Such a tender age to know disapproval but it's hard and fast enough in his tiny brain to pass on to his(more)
You have become a person you promised yourself you'd never be. You drew yourself a cozy perimeter, nestled uncomfortably within the jagged, interlocking edges of those around you. You told yourself you must trust, so you did not build walls. Then you let those lines become blurred by the(more)
take it back - first the words,
then keep unraveling the days

take it back, prehistoric, to a time
your emotional range hadn't ratcheted up exponentially.
imagine a time before that
night you missed the 5am greyhound transfer,
and they had fallen asleep, so you were alone, (more)
She could have walked away.
Just stood up and walked away, but she didn't. Mrs Allen, fifteen years into a sentence as a junior high school teacher, had seen japes and shenanigans before.
This time, seven on one, surrounding the boy, shouting and jeering, pushing and shoving, calling hi(more)
Saying that anyone has grit is a blasphemy to all that's come before it.

Moments and spaces in time are disjointed, random, nonlinear. To have grit is to say you can handle it, that you can put forth with the sordid memories, the deep regrets, the quiet moments(more)
I'm writing to the trash bin
Where you'll never look twice
But I'll revisit.

I'll make it a dwelling-
A place to stew and burst
one whole year with holes in it

one whole year of you
off on and on off
on paper, my terms
off script, your terms (more)
It was a dream of a wedding. Not a wedding of the real world where there is divided feelings, doubt, boredom, and dread. It was a dream wedding of beauty.

In the dream, she followed her best friend down the street. A playful chase. A destination on mind(more)