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In my mind, when I see myself, I'm a little girl, standing at the window, waiting to see headlights in the driveway. Heart racing, hands shaking, waiting. But the car never comes.

As a grown woman, I don't literally stand at the window, but my heart does. Even(more)
He was wearing a v-neck, bits of chest hair showing, and semi-tight jeans. His skin was the color of mocha, and his eyes were like dark pools of honey. "Oh god," I thought. "Here comes trouble."

I remember smiling when I saw him, though, and him smiling back.(more)
What if all of life really were this simple?

If you're cold, you get a blanket. If you're warm, get a fan. God isn't here to fix those sorts of things. You just need to get off the couch.
I wanted him to say something to me that would stick - a thin veil of lyrical honey, adhering words to brain matter like a memory sandwich.  

Then I would have it always, feasting on it on days like today, when he is long gone and I am(more)
When some other woman has her hands on the groove just above your hips, that spot so perfect for my hands, don't tell her what I used to say to you.

Don't let her know we were laughing as we awkwardly stumbled across the pavement, me first discovering(more)
It's creeping around on the inside.

Like a dark fog, it caresses my liver, slinks by my left kidney, and sidles up against the periphery of my heart, waiting. It found the most vulnerable spot. Sadness. Regret. Fear. All of it wrapped together in a silty package, knocking(more)
She said when I got better I would start seeing the world in color. "Everything will start to look more vivid -- trees, flowers, even the sun," she promised.

She was right.

This love's ingredient list: one part draino mixed with three parts simple syrup. Mostly good, but bad enough to kill us both.

I tasted the truth from the beginning, but wanted so badly to buy into the marketing. You were selling miracles, after all.

I convinced mysel(more)
The man beside me licks his fingers loudly. He holds his sticky bun like a megaphone, and each new bite sends me into a fit of frustration. Why the fuck can't he lick his fingers somewhere else?

I have a friend who visits every now and again, an(more)
It was like glitter falling from the sky.

My head was a snow globe, and inside of it was nothing but possibility.

Just beneath the thin veil of glass were tiny families walking down tree-lined streets, children eating ice cream cones and lovers wrapped up in a(more)
It has been broken for years.

I watched movies where doctors in crisp, white overcoats would press their stethoscope against a patient's chest, listening for a sound. The sound was a thump...thump...thump, like the way spring rain sounds as it falls gently on the roof. That sound tell(more)
"I will love you forever -- even if you drift away and forget me or leave me here alone. Even if you stay right beside me, but are far, far away. Even if you're afraid or scared or angry. I will still love you, because it's easy for me.(more)
It was always another man.

Lots and lots of them, picking me up, buffeting me about and leaving me lying on the grass -- the aftershock of a testosterone-driven tornado.
There's an invisible force field between us. First, it was attraction. I sizzled when you walked into the room. Later, it was tenderness. I melted at the slightest touch, felt fed by your embrace. Slowly, though, as you revealed yourself to me, and my own demons came out to(more)
He is my drink. The fire water that sets my senses ablaze. Slowly, he numbs my body with his kiss. I walk off kilter, bumping into walls. I fall down, then take another sip.

I am not an alcoholic, but when he comes around, I am drunk. High(more)