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It's not what you think- Baby it's breakfast tea.
Brewing in a new type of glass pot.
Infused with water filtration, it's  inhale-able tea.
No, don't think that way, it's not pot.
You don't have to argue- put it to the test. (more)
We are all here playing with our smart phones in the bar.
Texting associates while watching others from afar.
Sometimes it's not easy to approach another,
So you sit down and you order another.
Wait around- everything starts to fade away. (more)
You're cute but there is something else I have to say.
From the deepest part of my soul does echoes of your love touch me through the day. Like the crisp sun raining down the warm summer heat... to where our compassion wafts dreamily into midnight beat. Yes, I(more)
Musty, yet created fresh.
Holding hands, the molecules gracefully dance into gas.
Pinto beans- aroma at the pants seams.
yes it's tart- the graceful flow of the milk fart.
connected by relationship, to toot ones horn. (more)
Surrounded by clouds of wonder-
enraptured my imagination, ignited by firey passion.
Traveling higher than the eye can see-
Far further than the deep blue sea.
A sudden clash, as the lighter hits the floor.
Surely, I was as high as the ivory tower.
An loaded shotgun attached to a keg of Pasbt Blue ribbon.
Zombies and ninjas surrounding me.
Willie Nelson piping through my truck window.
Two barrels- Life Insurance.