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It's not so much her inflection when she says it as much as her obvious outright desire to wound, which could be found not so much in the face as much as in the awkward shape of her body, all extended and ensnarled. Still, there is an inflection, and(more)
Did you know that if you search "candle wax" in Google Images, then go to the 666th page, you'll see yourself? Always, no matter what. It's like those math problems where you choose a number and then divide and multiply by all this stuff and always end up at(more)
i was in a part of town that i wasn't especially familiar with but i knew i had a pretty extreme craving for a pulled pork sandwich, and even though it would appear most everything on the block was a gay bar or a gay sex shop i'm very(more)
Jake had me meet him down at Barnum Rec, on the grass, where the two of us played soccer in middle school. I floated around on defense, he was always in the net. It worked because people always misjudged his reflexes, which were much faster than you'd expect for(more)
Jake and I have been friends since we were too young to know what friends are. He started out a chubby baby. I don't remember, but I've seen pictures. By the time we hit kindergarden he was inching out of chubby toward being the resident fat kid, last picked(more)
I'm eating carrot cake for breakfast again and I'm smoking a very small rock from a broken lightbulb and I start to worry because I heard f once that lightbulbs have a powder in them that causes cancer and the last thing I need is to be sucking that(more)
last time i saw you
you were at the bar
you were buying up drinks on special
2-for-1 PBR
last time i saw you
circuits went wild (more)
I am not the kind of man women write poems for, unless they start off "Hey asshole," or "I tossed you aside." I've written poems for them, but shown no one - I'm no poet.
You have to wonder what it takes to be that kinda man.
Sometimes th(more)
Had a weird dream last night. Don't remember all of it.
I was outside in the middle of the night. It was snowing.
I was with a girl I don't know at all, though I'm pretty sure in the dream I knew her well.
We were laughing. A lot(more)
Jesse got gutshot. They had to pull part of his intestine and now there's a lot of foods he can't eat. Kid was skinny before, now he's like a skeleton. He went straight back to dealing, got skinnier offa his own product. Last time any of us saw Josh(more)
Eight months ago, none of us were gonna die. But then came Frank. He was a drummer. Hung himself in the Hi-Dive next to our tour flier. We took a week off to go to his funeral. He hit me kinda hard, even though I didn't know him beyond(more)
My name is Billy, and I carry the dead.
It started as a way to make some quick money. There was a flier up on a bulletin board in the commons area at the food court on the Metro Community College Campus, where I go to siphon wi-fi and(more)
I haven't been home in ages, but here I am, getting out of the frosty cab with fogged up windows that I brought from the airport and hauling my checked bag, tags intact, all over trying to find those familiar places. Turns out cold leaves your bones when you(more)
"It's heavy," he said, "so it works."
"It's sensitive," I say. "It ain't meant for whackin' people in the head. Plus, now I gotta gun-shaped bruise, and that's mostly gonna look tough, so it don't really work as an intimidation tactic."
He hit me again. I should pry be(more)
The hand holdin' the 38 was attached to the biggest lug I ever seen. Guy musta been Samoan or somethin'. Wasn't sure. So I asked him. "You Samoan?"
"You're gonna wanna shut up," he said.
People are never up for a good conversation this early in the morning.