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It rolled back and forth in the surf, always a few seconds behind the waves, as if being dragged by a long rope.  Yet once it washed ashore it stayed more or less there; its stop, if not its journey, complete.  There it lay until he eyed it on his morning(more)
The pool of water was peculiar.  It was clear, edged by large, rough-hewn rock that went as deep as the water itself.  Though the water was clear, they couldn't see the bottom.  Sero threw a stone into the pool to see how deep it went; they watched until it disappeared with a(more)
Brydon dreamt he was back on his family's farm.  It was autumn and he was six, playing on the swing that hung from the low branch of the oak tree behind the barn.  His father and older brother were off in the fenced pasture beyond, separating the herd.  His mother was across(more)
Brydon flailed as he felt himself sink into the water.  It was black as ink; he could not even see his hands in front of him. He grasped for anything close by, a log or a root, anything to help orient him.  There was only water.  And the buzzing noise, he realized.  He(more)
It was barely visible, just a brief twinkle in the murk, but Brydon saw it too.  It was either far away or small, he wasn't sure.  He wanted to believe it was another lamp--and a friendly party.  Yet all he could feel was unease.
Weddich stopped at the path that lead into the swamp.  The main road continued on to the east, away from the bogs and trees, far off to the right where there was still prairie.  But it was another fifty miles to take the main road, and tomorrow was the rendezvous.  "They will(more)
"I love my job," the man said and smiled.  

He had come into the room minutes before.  He had not said a word, but gazed at Corman with what looked like a slightly amused curiousity.  His face was placid.  He exuded calmness, yet Corman was shaking.  With a measure(more)
The best five seconds of his day were the first five, before he remembered the night before.  The next five minutes were the worst.  He wasn't sure when he fell asleep, or for that matter how.  The overwhelming panic and dread that had gripped him after he- after the accident, lasted throughou(more)
Good evening traveler!  

Tonight we serve a new offering, one we are excited to be able to share with you for the first time: a journey into true shared consciousness.  Take a trip into the thoughts and memories of your fellow guests, by way of our new blend, 6.08D.  Silent(more)
My coworker Joe stops in my cubicle doorway.  He says, "Have you seen that commercial where the mice are in hoodies and they're rapping and dancing?  I think it's a car commercial."  I shake my head.  His laughter is a southern guffaw.  "Goddamn, that cracks me up. (more)
"My friends married or took part-time jobs, but I thought that was boring.  I wanted to see what was out there.  I joined the military even though most people thought I was a dyke or at the very least someone who just didn't want to get along." Mimi smiled.  "But I didnt(more)
"Sarah," Tami said, "it always the same question for me: what's the point?  What's the point of putting us through this morality test, where A students go to heaven and F's go to hell?  If there is a God, why doesn't he make us all A students?  Create us with some kind(more)
At first we lie facing away from each other.  My delicate proposal and your careful acceptance require nurturing.  We are not touching but I can feel the warmth of your back on mine.  I keep the small blanket taut around me while being careful not to pull too hard.  We are both compl(more)

Working Committee ∙ 10/2/2010

Start Time: 3pm
I grew up in the town that holds our state fair.  I was fourteen the first year I worked there.  Technically, you weren't supposed to get hired on at the fair until you turned sixteen, but with thousands of jobs being filled in a short period of time--by the government, no(more)