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to launch a
Souji didn't have his phone, so he had no idea how long he'd been sitting under the tree. He drew his knees to his still-aching chest and rested his chin on them, staring out into the darkness in the direction Yosuke had run.
"Well, if I want to launch a modeling career, I will. Who's going to stop me?" Holly says.

"What about the media?" Miggs replies over the phone.

"When has the media ever been of any concern to us? And they don't give a shit. Someone making their(more)
"No", she said.
"No?" he asked.
"No. I won't do it"
"Why not?"
"I don't want to"
"But why?" (more)
the thing about the white american is that (s)he doesnt have any connection to the old world where old spirits and the old voices of the trees and stones hold more sway over your daily routine than the fleeting desires that keep boiling over inside of the individual human(more)
"What the fuck is happening?" I scream as I frantically  try to maneuver the car away from the hale of bullets coming from behind us. A man in a beat up Mini Cooper just opened fire on us with a machine gun.  
A bed of greens is deceptive. It is something good restaurants do, by "good" that is the ones that want half your pay-cheque in exchange for a sense of freedom, of living large.

You can afford this carelessness. (more)
Vanity makes you think of beauty and the preoccupation with it: namely, when it's your own.

People never think of the opposite: ugliness. How ugly people are the most vain. Instead we associate vanity with bright eyes, white teeth, the ease of belonging, and long legs. But beautiful(more)
--or so my mother would have me believe, given all the times she deigned my attire "inappropriate", a "distraction" to everyone else.

This coming from an actress who thrives on being the center of attention.

I started to wonder if she was afraid I wanted to "steal(more)
sinkholes appear in the city that is inside of me and they swallow the empty streets and dusty grey buildings with admirable efficiency. the sky stretches for an eternity but the weather is always the same: a perpetual chance of thunderstorms, though they never happen. one by one the(more)
vaneity of vanities
all is vaneity
cock spinning flirtatiously
in the rooftop's wind

i spelled something wrong (more)
The shade of night.

The darkness soothed him in ways he could not put into words, only feel deep within his consciousness and spreading throughout his body. It was both cool and warm, rejuvenating and grounding, heightening his senses even as he lulled into slumber.

The cit(more)
Gotou's mouth was on his hand – he kissed slowly from Masayoshi's wrist to his palm. Masayoshi blushed scarlet as Gotou traced across the inside of his hand to his knuckles, kissing each slowly in turn. They were bruised and healing still, the skin rough but Gotou's lips were(more)
"You are useless at giving me signs", she wept
"And you are useless at understanding them", he sighed.
there are stupid things to say
stupid things
and allegory
but in your
heart soul lifeblood true self holy guardian angel (more)
"so, working here, you're not like, a coffee snob, are you?"  

aiden glanced back at the barista who just took over verbena's shift, who meticulously measured beans before putting them into the grinder.  

"no, that's just quinn," she said, a tinge of annoyance coming through with her(more)