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He sat haughtily across from me, his elbow on the mahogany table, the point of his sculpted chin resting carelessly on the back of his hand.

A few more moments of silence were to pass before he drew himself up to his full height, squared his thin bird-lik(more)
“Hey, Sensei, are you-“  
“Hiro! I’m in the bath!” Seishuu covered himself with both hands, sinking deeper into the water. “Oh, right. M’bad.” Hiroshi turned around, putting a hand over his eyes. “Are ya’ almost done, Sensei? Dinner’s ready.”  
“Yes! I’m almost done(more)
It's an iconic moment, and everyone who witnessed it knows it. Marion steps into the shower, tries to unwind, and never steps out. In a storm of blood and screaming and steam, one person's psychosis changes horror movies for audiences everywhere.
Could this be a movie? Hitchcock was a(more)
She ran as quickly as she could to the rain shelter and uncovered her head. Her hands were dripping wet. She shook them hard, spraying water droplets in all directions and sat down on the old wooden bench. Outside the shelter, a thick, unending curtain of water kept flowing(more)
The life of that house always grew in the telling.

Day to day, put a camera in the corner of each room and you'd see people watching TV, people cooking dinner, people playing instruments, people sleeping, loving, dancing. Not altogether unusual.

But talk to them. Talk (more)
when i said those words that have been lingering on my tongue for so long i suddenly felt that somewhere along the way i've lost it. lost the magic and the mystery and the passion in it. lost the times of joy and laughter and the times of sorrow(more)
"Have you ever wondered if?" she asked, then pausing as if to reconsider her words.

"What?" The person as the counter asked, obviously amused. "Wonder what?"
when you know
we cease to exist
birds don't fly (more)

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Patients. We need more patients."
they say that patience is a virtue; but of course, they say a lot of things... and i'm not a particularly good listener

actually, i am a good listener; i just have the memory of a goldfish. i can listen like nobody's business, all day long if need(more)
My mother says:
"Oh no..."

She says:
"I can't do this."
   "This isn't what I had planned." (more)
i remember the way his sun shown in the light, golden flax curling around the nape of his neck and tangling in the butterfly wings that were his eyelashes. i remember his eyes, green as the glass in the windows of our church, glimmering with laughter and mirth. i(more)
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, he dreamed that one day he would rise up to be the best that ever was. To be the bestest ever, the goodest ever, the most awesome. But that was before he knew that life just didn't move that(more)
Shadow: Noun. A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

Let me make it expressly clear, first and foremost, that I do not hallucinate. I've looked it up. The clinical idea of what hallucinations are, that is. I do(more)
Trembling leaves remain, plastered against twisted silhouettes that solemnly bask in a cold, even layer of moonlight.
I almost knew you.
A soft breeze rakes its way through my hair, rattling the too-thin fabric draped loosely over shoulders.
The silence of the night is comforting, centering.