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divided by
Her fear of being divided, divided.
imagine this:

one day Others come, outsiders with no knowledge of us or the way we think.

they will observe those with More spit on those with Less, and that those of this Color do not talk to those of that Color.  these Others will look on (more)
my nerves are little men with bulbous, translucent heads. they are the palest blue and when they struggle to produce thought or emotion you can see their alien organs inside light up; a throbbing light, really. they stand erect and look to each other for advice, but there is(more)
We were legion.


Moving across Europe in vast factions, occasionally fighting with others of our kind. Occasionally passing on information about where the feeding was good.

But not any more.

There was a time when the best entertainers would plead to be allowed t(more)
We took the three cheeseburgers from the fridge and left it at that.  We weren't sure but in the end we just had a laugh and painted our faces blue and were only being kids for the day but then Barry came back and gave out to us so we(more)
They were sitting eating dinner when Masayoshi spoke very casually. "You know, I think you're bigger than I am."

Gotou got through two more bites of his curry before the words caught up with him and he choked. Masayoshi cocked his head, the most innocent expression on his(more)

“He got yo nose wide open!” Translation: That brother got yo attention!

He does, even though it’s not “supposed” to be this way.  Understand that sometimes what’s “respectable” ain’t always what’s right.

Yeah, he excessively addresses me with the “B” wor(more)
Sometimes I do a
Disappearing act
In which
I retreat into my mind
And hide
From all the negative (more)
Sniffing the air around me, I smell nothing but the pungent smell of vodka. It seems to be coming through my pores.

I miss you.

how am i supposed to believe
that you have already left me
when i can still sniff clearly
your scent all over my body
Souji didn't go out much. It was easy to avoid the guilt when he'd been living in the city, far away from the scenes of shared crimes, easy to close his eyes and forget the people he'd betrayed, let alone the people they'd killed. At his new school, he(more)
How hard is it, dear,
to get up and blow your nose?
you are driving me

bright yellow shorts made of windbreaker material making that swooshing sound that made you feel as if you were walking through some kind of sterilized factory where the titanic machines didnt create smog and soot and terrorizing noises, but instead that soft and rhythmic swooshing. for a long time(more)
Barney burst into the living room, "I'm coming in for some Bam Bam!" His hollering was seemed to lay upon the carpet like static, crackling up and through everyone's feet as they turned to face this large man in strange and frumpy clothing, his wide frame seemingly translated from(more)
Forget me please
I know it's hard
But I can't deal
With this pain
Much longer
Please let me go (more)