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Log 643.3
The robotic revolution has taken a new turn. No longer are kid playing with real life human beings. Instead they are playing with BFRs, Best Friend Robots.  The BFRs don't fight, they don't argue, they don't challenge. They are pleasant.  What does that tell about our human experience? (more)
Maybe he should be a little worried at how liberally Kanata used restraints, or how obediently he held out his wrists, or how Masayoshi said nothing, just watched, wide-eyed as Kanata tied him down but Gotou can't find it in himself to care right now. He's too busy watching(more)
It wasn't the most eye catching, attention-grabbing, or even most functional, but it will do. He sighed as he looked the other items displayed in the shop. He would love to have them, but his wallet wouldn't have any of it.
blown away by the depravity of man.
blown away by the apparent absence of morality in white america.
blown away by their ability to becomes saviors and victims in the daily plight and struggle and tragic life/death cycle of people of color.

my vision comes in waves. ev(more)
The swelling on his face was getting worse as time went, the red mark his father's hand left getting bigger.  White streaks stained the inflamed surface as he unwillingly let tears fall from his crystal blue eyes.  He held himself in front of his bed.  His anger swelled more quickly than his(more)
King: "I am taken away! Strange and large man, to where have I been captured?"
Roger: "To an unnamed base in the Arizona desert."
King: "Arizona? Fellow man, you have taken me, the crown of Zxylane, from his throne! Do you not understand the consequences of this?"
Roger: "We(more)
like the rising and receding tide, the heartache, the confusion, the fury over this fucking injustice comes in and out, freezing my core and then slipping out of me, letting me thaw for a bit, for a bit. and in this fucked up time amidst this fucking moral apocalypse(more)
The highball glass had old lipstick on it but Donna had waited too long for service (double vodka & ice) and didn't bother to protest. The waitress (gel fingernails with glitter polish, sullen kohled eyes, open-backed shirt revealing a sleek brown back) was already drifting away, and the din(more)
-ordered by date of publication-

1. Who is Responsible For the Beijing Attacks?
Remember kids, the only difference between science and being that obnoxious let's-do-dumb-shit-for-the-vine person is writing it down.

By all means, do it for the vine. But write that shit down so you can remember it later. Y'know, in case the first time doesn't get enough hits.
The first time, he realized he had been sorely unprepared.

It was a lesson in preparation and precaution, and he nursed his wounds with battered pride, but determined spirit, already considering what he would do differently next time.

The second time, he had been soundly outmatched. (more)
The limo wasn't big enough.

Stylish, yes, per Dante's request, but after hitting his head on the ceiling five times and counting over the course of their tomfoolery, Leon told him to give it up.

Vergil grinned, that tight-lipped but still smug way, ice-pack still balanced on(more)
I believe in reincarnation because I need to believe in the possibility of having my cake and eating it, too
"Maybe another time? Now there is no 'other times'. It's all done.."
The crazed boy's voice trailed off into a series of unintelligible angry groans as he paced the small school library.
I was just in there to print my research paper, and now I was at the foc(more)

"What?" She asked her friend as they passed through the glass door into the cafeteria.

"That," her friend said, as she pointed her index finger on the corner seats. It was her brother, giving them a curt nod and a wave.

"My brother," she confirmed,(more)