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"You are freaking - heavier - than you look," Gotou huffed, depositing Masayoshi on the bed and staggering back a step, nearly smacking into the other bed. He sat down heavily on it, and Masayoshi laughed, on his back on the bed and staring at the hotel room's ceiling.(more)
a problem bigger
than you but don't ignore it
you can help solve it
They didn't force us to have the telescreens. We bought them, all of them. All in different colors. A new one every 9 months. Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade. They didn't force us, they sold us. Convinced us that we NEEDED one.  
She's bigger than you and definitely built. She wields a sword that could skewer you vertically and not reach the hilt. Her reach is incredible. All you have is a set of daggers, little good when you're rolling to keep your head attached to your shoulders.
Ceaseless was the pulse of the veins left to struggle within man. Pumping and pumping in motion, the veins did not stop. Till, one day it all stopped, and man lay motionless on the ground. The perpetual back and forth of life's pendulum had finally found itself standing still(more)
On the Desk of a Businessman

Bright shining blurs
Smacking against each other
Click. Clack.
the children were in
perpetual motion or
so it seemed to mom
They ate out more often than Gotou liked - especially because he felt like occasionally Masayoshi plied him with alcohol. Not to get anything out of him specifically, but because it made him slower on the uptake and it meant Masayoshi got the tab before he could.
It's a risky investment
To put your heart
In someone else's hands.
in denial he
picked out an island to buy
risky investment
He said he could turn a penny into a fortune, though he called it a "risky investment".  I didn't understand but I had reason to trust this man with my life.  So I gave him the only penny I had ever come across in my thirty years of living in the(more)
I'm not a war hero. I'm a pacifist.

I'm not even a Man, or they told me when I wrote my name on the list. "Conscientious Objector." They might as well have labelled me "war villain."
"You can change your mind at any time."  The nurse was very soft spoken and reassuring.  It must be a very strange job to have.  Part nurse, part coroner.

"I understand."  Tim replied, matching her quiet tones.

"There is no shame at all."

Shame. (more)
I imagined I'd arrive home to trumpets and balloons, well, maybe not actual trumpets but at least a banner or two. How it had turned out I could not have envisaged three short years ago when I set off in my shiny shoes and stiff uniform. Off to war.(more)
The second thing Masayoshi wanted to do in his new apartment was hang up all the awards he'd received as Samurai Flamenco.  (The first thing, obviously, was to start building another tokusatsu museum, but it didn't take long considering his old collection was lost in his previous apartment's explosion.) (more)