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your name again?
losing is an art, and i do it exceptionally well
Amelia pushed gray-red curls off the delicate piece of paper before her - the type they use in bibles - and, in her delicate hand, hand wrote a short list of items. She handed it to me.

"Here it is." (more)
After the bombs went off, spewing gas instead of fire, sickness instead of death, there had been walls around the city. The city had a name, a name used by bureaucrats in official-looking government documents, but nobody used that name anymore. It was just the Waiting Room, now. People(more)
Things had been rough for Frankenstein's Monster, ever since his Bride had decided she wasn't really in love with him anymore. Frankenstein had assured him that there was a beating heart in her chest cavity, although apparently anything involving her glands, blood, or brain was entirely up in the(more)
Toothache pain sings and rings in the ears and puts you on a different frequency than everyone else in the room.  Toothache pain is instructive pain.  You change your behavior according to its demands.  You talk less or don't eat certain foods, or at all.  The toothache takes charge.(more)
i prayed to cornstalks for ten years.

three hours of belt whipping and bruise-ups and there i would be, knobby knees pushed rough into the earth beneath the stalks of green corn and my mottled, faith-beaten skin shining red and purple under the light of the moon. (more)
Aware. That's the only thing she can make out right now. Awareness... There isn't a form to recognize, an edge to see or anything that lends itself to some sort of orientation. There is just awareness.  

It's hard for her to tell how long she's been in this(more)
"I hope you look at us differently, Jaehee," MC said, looking away as the wind whipped her hair into her face. "It's not blind love-well, it's not really love yet, either. But it's definitely not naive." She shrugged. "It's just us."
Jaehee didn't move from her spot by the(more)
My reason for fighting evaporated in the predawn air on the final moon-day of the full harvest, along with the mist.

Magnhild was too proud to be left back in the village with the other shield wives. And she proved the mettle of that pride time and tim(more)
I am twisted beyond recognition, hissing and snarling, a creature unused to human contact. You approach and I claw at you, draw blood and you jerk back as if burned. But you hold no trace of fire.  
You're bloody and broken in a way I almost recognize, the core(more)
What are the facets of a moment--
How can you decipher a journey,
what appears?
What lies in unknowing?
What happens (more)
"Grandfather, what's it like?"

The triplets were gathered around him, he of a tall enough frame that they could sit comfortably on his lap, though they pushed at each other to stake the largest claim of his body heat. Quan'na took one of his large hands and kneaded(more)
"I snapped."
"What?" Kyouhei took one look at the suitcase Yagi was holding before he reached over and pulled it into the room, ushering Yagi in with it. "What happened, Yagi?"
"I told Hideki I couldn't do it. That-I didn't want to be just a side job anymore-"(more)
"You remember how to make donuts, Tsumugi?"
The small blonde grinned cheekily at her father, nodding. "Find the center!"
He nodded, watching as she pressed her thumb into the center of the dough and poked through to form a hole.
"Another small one, huh?" Yagi asked, jerking his chin(more)
she clenches her fist and then spreads her fingers wide. her hand feels ghost-like, as if it might simply fade away.    

one. two. three.