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I hit the streets just as dusk was giving way to the dingy, grey-orange gloom of a city at night. The new body was a little off. They never get things like callouses and tan lines quite right. My skin felt smooth and strange against my clothes. My muscles(more)
I was killed last night. A quick, calculated hit. When I scrolled through my feed afterward, it said my stream was cut at 1:45 AM, somewhere in the south-end of Three Saints. Context not found. Contact administrator.
The dead walk and we follow. They tell us who we are, and where we are going.

They lay themselves prostrate across the sky, stars twinkling up the length of their spines. Their arms sweep down from their sides and fall languidly to the earth. They run thei(more)
"And you're sure this is working?"
Yatho hissed at the car, thumping at it even as it sputtered and groaned at her.
"I don't care! We just need to get to the ship in time!"
Grynewaht sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. "There's no way. Seems like this thing(more)
When in doubt, declare your love. You might still fail, but you'll know. You''ll know one of the great truths that we are born into this world in order to discover. Say nothing, and you'll always be left wondering. I have a lifetime's worth of wondering already. I feel(more)
We talked through the normal adult talk. Work, kids (hers), where we lived, how we were doing. I didn't mention my girlfriend, and she only said, "Oh, Jon's Jon," when I asked. We talked some more, but then we talked less. That was the way it had always gone:(more)
Before moving North, I pictured how life would be there, and began to look forward to it. From the red-black pulse of a dirty life, I pictured how things could be different.

My life was night shifts, insulting rents, weariness and addiction. But I could picture how lif(more)
"You mean to say you came all this way just to stop this short?"

"I suppose. But--"

"But? But what? 'The conditions weren't right', 'you don't have inspiration', 'the pills make you soft, happy, and pliable.'"

"No, it's not that."

"Then what is it? What's(more)
It pulses and twists and rolls and squirms. Flummoxing, he finds it. Vexing. The brain's chords plucked and pulled out of order, out of tune. Unfocused and wild it wanders through, twisting its way between his ears and down his spine.
As always he limped ever after what had come before. Stunted, hungry, grasping onto what little he could if only for a moment before it slipped away back into an ether that he can't hope to pierce.

He fell to his knees and waited.
Gnats flickered about the man's head like sparks off a crackling, spitting fire. Runnels of sweat escaped his brow. He pawed at the moisture with a dirty rag that blackened the creases of his face.

Around him, fresh-faced tourists squawked. Sipping tea, buying boots, browsing their way throug(more)
"That's nice of you," she said, almost dismissively as she tapped her fingers on her keyboard waiting impatiently for the reports to load.

"I didn't do it to be _nice_, I did it because it was needed."

"But it was still a favor to them, wasn't it?"(more)
They are the experts, and yet you will be the one to suffer in the end. For they know all, but never what's best.
"What are we?" Steve murmurs, one morning after waking up in between Nancy and Jonathan yet again.

Nancy is already wide awake, the early bird of the trio. She's scratching Steve's back with one hand, and when he turns his head to look at her he sees her(more)
Murdering someone in cold blood.  A primer:  

Why murder?  This question will have as many answers as there are people murdered and those doing the murdering.  In a sense, the question of why is beside the point.   What’s important is that one has decided, for r(more)