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a paranoia
You fight your demons less in your head these days and more in a bottle. They float, soaked in alcohol and burning all the way down, but beautiful none the less. You know what they hide. It's worse than your corpse: a life cycling through booze breath and rehab,(more)
Here are the rules of the game:

It will be someone you know, but you won't know it when you first see them. You will have to unravel it over time. It sleeps inside them like a stone in the heart of the earth, vibrating endlessly, aching to(more)
When it was Amelia and Dag Arbuthnot’s turn to host the dinner, their gorgeous Tudor home in Buckhead was a perfect setting.  Amelia’s concept (because she has concepts!!) for the evening was a dinner inspired by Olde Worlde English Yuletide traditions (to set the mood, Dag lustfully whipped the younges(more)
       According to the standards of the Stanford-Binet test, Danyon Jobert was a genius. But because of the nature of his whirlwind mind, he often had a difficult time in school.  Teachers just couldn't keep up with him, with his goals often differing wildly from the lesson plan. (more)
Community hall nights, when cribbage takes place, and liquor made from potato peelings can be purchased. Hunters lay out inedible body parts on the table. The bony bits. Later they will be burned. It is a fortnightly bonfire intended to float grief & responsibility away. The old way of(more)
By show of hands, we voted and confirmed the fact to ourselves:  no one liked Mike Bolger.  But it wasn't for the usuual reasons kids have.  He wasn't too fat or too skinny.  He didn't have over large ears or wear thick glasses.  His breath didn't stink, nor did he stutter,(more)
I had had enough.  I had grown to hate my job as a clerk at Clooney's Variety where I whiled away the days selling nostalgia and kitsch items (blowup Elvis dolls anyone?) alongside home goods like saucepans and plastic tarps.   But whenever I started looking for work elsewhere, I felt(more)
My wife Clara, during our first date, confessed that her ex-husband had physically, mentally, and sexually abused her for 11 years. Although put off by the immediate admission of her past, I appreciated her desire to place her cards on the table.
Before you submit an application, let me tell you about our CEO:

What do I know about Marvin Bunce?
There are many places you can't see when you are a child. These are the places where dark dreams spin themselves like nets. Under the bed, in the closet, in the dark. You only know with certainty the 4 cold inches in front of your nose. It is not(more)

"On the Subject of Worms"

It slipped up his leg. (more)
They talk about planting seeds for the future. They mean ambition and planning ahead. Some people don't have the dirt for seeds. You can't plan ahead when your fridge is empty, your stomach a hollow block. Or when you know not just your mom's payday, but that it's already(more)
No one ever said to me, "John: go do this, it's a worthy thing."  No, they never would have, either, caught up in the fuss of their own lives as they are, who cares what Johnny does with his own term on earth?  But when I was young, God blessed me(more)

"You have three days to come around. You may call Jane or I at the office if you need to clear up any...  uncertainties.  As hard as it may be to believe, Sarah, we care about you.  Not just as an asset but as a person...."

"Stop!!" She rubbed he(more)
At a cafe on the Rue du Farbourg, Sarah was threatening to blow her cover and to stop her, I had to spell out some very hard truths. "We rescued you for one reason, Sarah:  We thought you might be useful, and you have been."