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"It was like something out of a shitty straight-to-TV movie. Everyone gasped, went quiet, and started talking amongst themselves. No one could believe that just happened. Then the priest dude or whatever tried to solve the problem, asking him 'are you sure?'. But then Kim started to cry and(more)
My eyes were eager as I looked up to meet his. He has these eyes like chrome ball barrings. I swear I can seem my own fear of rejection glimmering in them. "You ready to be a good girl?" He asks. All I can do is lower my head,(more)
I asked if I could come over. He said no.
Gotou stood outside the closed apartment door and contemplated it silently. He knew Masayoshi was inside; he'd seen the lights on when he came around the building. That was really no surprise, Masayoshi had a key now that they were living together, and some days he just got home(more)
The last picture she tagged me in was a picture of her blue high heels. The caption read "back to the beach! off to feel the night." Then nothing. The rest was a foggy nightmare captained by a fool with no navigational skills nor command of the rudder. We(more)
The fatality
Of the words
Hidden between
The lines
Were just as clear
As the tears (more)
"You know, you're nothing but a glorified facebook friend," she spat.
"If you get calls from this number, you'd better pick up."

It had been two months since Souji had left Inaba when he got the first call. He'd been on edge constantly, keeping one hand in his pocket so he could feel the phone if it vibrated during(more)
It's not that
I don't love you, but I-
Don't really
Have the taxi fare money
Ready to come
See you (more)
He didn't know if he had enough for the taxi fare. All he knew is that he needed to be there. A death isn't something that comes everyday. And sometimes, it comes at rush hour. He didn't to be at memorial hospital by the time they pulled the plug.(more)
Clara peeked through the slit of her front door, and the darkness waved back. She creaked open the door just enough to slip her tiny figure passed, careful to not wake the residence. The cold breeze welcomed her as it brushed her hair amongst the moonlight. The owls hooted(more)
I look at the clock; 6:04 glows red in the darkness. Justin sleeps as I quietly dress; last night's skin tight fuck me dress and dangerously high stilettos. In the harsh florescent light of the master bathroom, I fondly reminisce about our tryst while washing off final mascara smears.(more)
I have one light out, even as I tell myself it's not time for bed. I have things that I need to accomplish today. There's so much to do and it is all so overwhelming and all I want to do is sleep to let it all pass by(more)
Sugarcoat (n): outer garment made from woven twizzlers and worn on occasions when sweet crystals hail from the sky.

e.g. Weather report says cotton candy skies all afternoon--better pack a sugarcoat!
They are all over me. Cold and from what I can tell all seeming to be missing a thumb. I am passing through the temple with little control over where they are taking me, I assume to their Elder. My ship landed safely however the electrical storms fried my(more)