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won't disappear
Just because I don't do something everyday, even though I should, doesn't mean I'm giving up or ready to disappear yet.

It means that I'm busy with life.
The world behind the mask is bigger than the world outside.

It's shapeless and invisible. But when I'm wearing it and playing the part aptly, no one can get to the core of me. I can turn from one face to another and the mask turns with me(more)
The hustle is the means of survival.

The hustle is the abolition of ego.

The hustle is the end of validation.
I found solace in empty gyms. It was usually midnight, when I'd use my ID to fuck with the lock on the doors of Cal State Northridge's basketball court. Maybe I'd get in, sometimes I wouldn't. When I did get in, I'd stay for hours, running dribbling drills, shooting(more)
"You can't be scared of the ball son, its not gunna hurt if you catch it in the chest."
and when i donned the facade i suddenly felt a strange sense of meaninglessness. as if i had only just put on my real face. and the little whispers started and the little voices sounded and the little angels fell one by one like flower pots on a balcony(more)
On a couch in an air-conditioned hair salon, I am listening to women gossip while they get their eyebrows dyed to match their hair.      

Their words feel as foreign to me as I feel in my seat, flipping through catalogues of girls that will some day age. There(more)
It hurt for a moment but then all of the last life left Cassidy. She woke up as no one. Then pieces of something. Then she was old enough to know things others knew but not how to apply them to life. In a few more minutes Rachel, as(more)
before you say it, before you even say it, think of all the fun we had. the time i bought you ice cream when yours dropped. the time i carried you across the wet road. the time i messaged every little bit of you. the time you came so(more)
Gotou had walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his shoulders - he meant to tell Masayoshi that the shower was free, he could start his own morning routine - but he stopped when he saw Masayoshi sitting upright on the edge of the mattress, eyes squinted(more)
"Don't even start with me, don't fucking start. I'm sick of this shit Helen, IM FUCKING SICK OF IT," a row of dirty dishes were then scattered by an angry forearm. "I don't deserve this." He said panting.
I'm worried. I'm faulting myself. I'm going through all of the possibilities, the worst-case scenarios, the nightmares.

So before you say anything,
I can't stop them.

They go round and round and round.

They become an intelligent being with no purpose of function. A jumble mess of soundless wonder brings to life a crazy entity with gripping tangling tentacle. Wild and monstrous, scratching and clawing at every little thi(more)
Its here somewhere, I saw it earlier, damn fuck hell. It was right here.