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in the oven
There is one place that has always been near to my heart. A cliff, that overlooks a single valley, narrow but deep. The lookout lies one mile past the crest of the ridge behind my house. I went there after almost every day of middle school. After school I(more)
If I told you the world was flat, would you believe me? Well, of course not. You're not stupid. Concepts like this has been drilled into your brain as being untrue, and for good reason, because they are untrue. Such is the way with misconceptions.  
I haven't said anything for a while because I haven't found a way to be kind to myself and others in the things that I write.

It is the pain in my stomach, the anxiety in my gut. It is the negativity in the room's atmosphere that leeche(more)
like cold coffee
once steaming hot
craved, needed
now forgotten
hours old and
deemed (more)
Sunlight streaming through my window slowly lifted me back to consciousness. I felt my dream slip away, and as I opened my eyes, felt it be replaced by a beautiful view in front of me. The sun barely crested over the horizon, casting amber and gold rays over a(more)
In better days, grandad used to say, a boy like you didn't have to go to school with the likes of them.  I knew who he meant.  Another time he told me he didn't even see a black person in the flesh until he went to college in Minneapolis.  He had laughed(more)
In better days I'll find myself once more with them, to relive our last moment before the flames consumed it all, and in better days, I'll not escape.
In better days, I too will burn.
The average age of the House of Representatives in the United States is, according to Google, 57. The average age of the Senate hobbles just a bit higher at 61. To most people, this seems like a pretty useless statistic. "Yes, our nation is run by a bunch of(more)
Struggling for freedom through a maze of animate razor-toothed vines and little red poppies that screamed hideously and burst into flames when stepped on wasn’t exactly what Miren had in mind when she’d sighed at her desk on Friday and said she was ready for something new.

So what? Go do what you want. You're going to die. You are already dead, for many intents and purposes: powerless, unable to move freely over the earth, inhibited by lack of money, lack of time, in a deep sleep state as sound and colour passes over you. Absorbed(more)
   All you want is happiness.  Just happiness.  Well let me tell you what happiness really is.  Happiness is a word foremost, used to describe a psychological state wherein certain chemicals in the brain are present in proportions the experiencer finds pleasurable.  Such a (more)
There's something new about the old house, Maura muses as she walks through the rickety front foyer whose walls are stained and molded and where the air is stale and heavy. Her bones creak with the floorboards as she makes her way up the staircase.
aint that all i want. aint that all anyone wants. when you cut things and persons down to the bone, want and need blur. and when you cut deep inside you realize that theres really nothing to it. people are simple. yet infinity layered. i like to think of(more)
Ah, a fresh day. Birds in the sky, dogs in the grass, bugs in my closet.

This closet needs cleaned. People like me have clean closets. Neat, professional, punctional people. Punctional? On time, whatever the word is. That's what I am. That's what we are.

Too many(more)
Today I will get up.

When my dreams and nightmares finally spit me out, gasping and stranded on the shores of a new day, my heart won't constrict when reality hits like the bright light of the sun. I will open my eyes and they will be dry(more)