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what you are
Halloween night. This bar wasn't where Wanda wanted to be. It was just someplace warm until the taxi showed up. Alberni only had two.

The party'd gone south fast. Typical. She never went anywhere; should've known better than to go to Gabriel and Elsie's the way they got(more)
I'm trying to figure out what you are. It's been the defining question of my life, actually. I definitely know who you are... I mean, I certainly recognize you. But what are you?
You've changed so much. You went through all of the usual dramatic changes of youth an(more)
what are you to me

what am i to you

the hours the minutes the weeks and days and maybe years spent juggling these questions filling out the formulas, stressful thinking pitchblack room scrunching noises of the pillow and my hair along the top of it, the(more)
"Don't you mean *who* I am?"
"Lime rhymes with...?"  There was silence.  Annoying silence, but not as annoying as the voice that finally answered.

A particular university within this patch of city used to have a penchant for painting things over and passing them off as related objects.

For a Wonderland-themed campus festival one year, students reproduced the whole painting-the-roses-red routine. For the days leading up to winter break, peppermint chews and(more)
Slicing limes has more of a process than you know.  Snag one off of McCall's basket, place it on a wood slab and proceed to roll away to get some of the juices to bleed from the flesh - makes reaping it later easier on the fingers, and there's more(more)
I had never had a gin and tonic before.  As I stood in the hotel suite I could hear the tinkle of ice in a glass from the kitchenette adjacent to the sitting room.  
"Do you want lime with it?", he asked.
Lime?  I had never had a lime before either.  This(more)
There were people pointing guns at the entry hatch. Soldiers, obviously - Gotou didn't recognize their uniforms. Those that were WEARING a uniform, that is - there were a lot of people dressed in just partial uniforms and a few old military uniforms that he did recognize. This was(more)
Alone in the pub, again, I'm prodding at the floating lime, watching the bits separate from the main husk, and regretting that I will soon have to drink them.

Its not what I really wanted. It's usually a lemon, isn't it? But actually the lime is better. It(more)
If there's one thing I appreciated about living in South Asia, it's that the women don't cover up what's on their faces to feign that perfection is normal. The heat, the poverty, the crises -- they're out there persistently and belligerently, everyday. The fact that you spent the night(more)
"All things will change.  Today will be long forgotten in the todays of the future."  
This is all I could come up with.  Weak and somewhat confusing!  Also not exactly a comforting thought in a lot of ways.  But my brain seemed unable to manage even the most basic of t(more)
You were all things
                 my edge
                        the balance
     The Cr(more)
"Hey Mel, think you can hop out from behind the counter for a few hours?"

Mellissa turned from her position restocking the popcorn kernels to find Todd and Gaston leaning expectantly over into her workplace. "I can't tell you how much I'd like to, but I'm the only(more)
The noise that escaped Masayoshi was so high-pitched Gotou assumed that only dogs would be able to hear it. He shoved his hand over Masayoshi's mouth just in case, slipping two fingers inside which Masayoshi's tongue wrapped around greedily.