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this king
The line went dead. Souji wasn't surprised. He had his cell phone open again before he consciously thought about it.

To: Hanamura Yosuke 16:37
I can't believe you did that. (more)
What am I supposed to do with this? *Panned into infinity.*
The lily is beautiful. I reach a trembling finger to touch its waxy whiteness. So smooth. So soft. So pure.

A red smudge mars a petal now. With a cry I strive to wipe away the mark but it only spreads. A petal apart from its peers. I(more)
Masayoshi with his knees pressed in the mattress - one of the stockings had slipped down his leg, the suspender belt snapped loose, the other still taut againt his muscled thigh - his ass in the air, back arched, moaning pleasantly into the pillow - Gotou sat back on(more)

As Alan quietly turn the lock on his bedroom door, he could feel the slippery sweat sliding between his fingers and the small knob. He knew his roommates should all be at work by now...but it was better to be safe than sorry.

He chuckled. Was(more)
Blatant whispers
Resound about the
Tiny traitorous tabulating room
Abscinding the theater to pieces.
1. We had to explain everything we meant. So international relations crumbled. Court trials, pop music concerts, and business meetings dragged on for years. Small, neighborly kinds of talk became labyrinthine pits of despair and woe.
2. We would only talk when we needed something to keep our bodies(more)
the dirt was soft and wet with a passing rain, churned up enough near our feet to melt into mud. the sky was tinged pink as the sun's first few rays licked up from the horizon, and the chirping of birds was replaced with the rattle of ammunition fire(more)
he says "i'm going to kill you slowly" and you don't ask questions. he says "i want us to fall in love" and you know there's hardly a difference. he says "why are you crying" and you tell him to look at his hands.
it starts in the basement. that's where you found the apple slices: the cores missing, the skins in soft piles, the stems swallowed. when i look back i'll always remember the look on your face as you opened the furnace. the pilot was still on, the flames licked the(more)
'Love-bites' seemed kind of cliche, even if it was true. But Hazel made a point not to break skin--truly a demonstration of iron-clad restraint--and the sensation without the feeling of being drained left it akin to being chewed on by a particularly affectionate cat. Though Hazel's tongue was smooth,(more)
Ringtone sounds
Breaking the silence
With the frosted ice.
adam was a young one, bright and shiny like a brand new penny with eyes as wide as saucers the first time we set foot onto the front lines. i was sure he would die within the first few days-- he had spunk, but in the wrong way, the(more)
"W-what are you talking about?" Souji said. He stared at the cell phone in his other hand as though it was about to explode.

"You know who I mean!" Adachi snapped, and Souji flinched as if struck. He'd been referring to his phone, but he realized now that(more)
Despite the fact that they'd barely spoken since Souji moved back to Inaba, the house felt unbearably quiet without Nanako. It was funny how a person could grow used to certain things -- the TV being on when he came downstairs in the morning, coffee made and waiting tacitly(more)