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An old war movie was playing on tv, with the highly focussed sergeant explaining the significance of the new rifles the recruits were clutching to their chests.

"Look it over.  Touch it, feel the weight of it.  In three week's time you should be more intimately familiar wit(more)
Do you protect your heart like a child with an egg? Holding it ever so carefully, keeping it safe from
the devious?
You're terrified you'll get slimy shards all over your fingers, sticking to everything.
"Are ya'as innocent as ya look?"

"How innocent do I look?" I reach over the counter and grab a shooter glass. I fill it 'ith pilsner and toss it at my face. One chug.
"I couldn't believe I won such a prestigious award!" My boss told me as I was running a towel over almost blinding gold statue. I didn't have the heart to tell him, so I let him gloat. It took him 2 t.v appearances, 4 radio shows, and countless memes(more)
The lazy dreamer
caught in celestial haze
obscured within clouds.
Tell me, are you the only one here? I follow you around with my pearly white eyes and they shine at you and you know. You know everything in the room. Eyes in your hands and on your head and in your ass, watching it all.
I hate writing.  It never does what I want it to do.  Right now, I'm listening to a Bowie cover of Lou Reed's "Waiting for the man."  It's not bad for a cover, though it lacks the menace of Reed's version.  I have never waited for the man.  I have waited for the pharmacist,(more)
whisk me away. im tired. god im tired.

let me be somebody else. please god let me be somebody else. let me be someone who is important. someone that people care about. someone that is always thought of first.

give me a legacy. i want a legacy.(more)
I could have a bonfire with most of the things I own and never miss them again.

But the problem with trying to clean house is the process itself: emptying the shelves and drawers and looking at belongings one by one, remembering how you acquired them or wh(more)
My given name is Holt Arness Watson Kirk Sadler.  But you can call me "Marshall".  My father had a fondness for the old tv western "Gunsmoke" and that's where the Arness comes from.  The rest, except for Sadler, were seemingly pulled from out of a hat when my mother, in her semi-sedated(more)
I should really get a pillow case,
you can pretty much tell my life from my pillow.
you can see which side I like to sleep on,
you can tell I have a cat based on the scratches on the side. You can see its age from its stitch(more)
Koushi knocked on the door, as he always did, out of politeness. He and Tooru had been friends and neighbours for years and Koushi had been "granted the privilege" of letting himself in whenever he wanted to visit. It was mostly an excuse for Tooru to do the same(more)
For the feast, Mother prepares the traditional dish shortly in advance, no earlier than an hour or two, so it is brought to the table as fresh as can be.   The contents of this recipe, her specialty, don't keep well, so it's served and eaten quickly, almost without chewing.(more)

The upper management seldom come to the stores, but when they do, it's announced days in advance, almost as a warning.  So, before the king and his retinue tour our corner of the kingdom, we do the mad sweep and tidy hoping they won't notice the numerous defects o(more)
I put my hand in the charger and slump down in the tiny stool that juts from the console.  Power enters my body in waves.  It's what I imagine a massage must feel like for a human.  Pictures bloom in my mind like flowers.  A tire swing hangs beneath an oak.  An eagle talon(more)