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pull on your helmet
insert mouth guard, and roller
skate in a derby
there's no need to elaborate:
i can see the certainty in your widened eyes
and my own reflection,
still smaller, near to bursting.
There is no question of who you are to me. You limbs and tour body eclipse into me like a memory or a thought. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being that human who glares at my eyes like they are diamonds, who looks at me with love(more)
questions are deadly
but no question is worse than
the answer to it
John is passing insignificant beneath the monstrous weight and scale of the overpass.

His arms beyond the short sleeves feel the cool breeze of the sorbet pink dusk.
A testament stood
A monument to your sins
And you just collapsed
"His dedication was a testament to his work eithic....."
The director rambled on at the top of the room.   He had been going solid now for a good fifteen minutes, all Richard wanted was a quiet retirement, to slip away one Friday evening and just not turn up the(more)
now available
with the old and new, the new
improved testament
Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the floor. Cracked, spilling frothy brown liquid amongst the shards of sharp glass. A few drunkards still stumble among the ruins, though the party was over hours ago, their skin ripped and bleeding in odd places, on the palms of their hands, the soles(more)
they say ninety-nine
is sixty-six pregnant with
the devil's own spawn
you scraped aside sinews,
pulled together a pattering pulse
in hopes of habitation behind the sternum, you thought
you could love and be made whole.
Some say that the end
is what justifies the means
I say that's heartless
The wall clock chimes 7.
He's in the process of getting dressed quietly, doing his best to maintain the silence. The only sound in the room is the shuffling of his shirt and the rhythmic sound of even breathing coming from the woman on the bed.
She stirs, a(more)
some necessary
actions in life and romance
just appear heartless
I am not heartless, just shy,
socially inept and awkward,
afraid and walled in,
heart thudding out of my chest
when confronted,
a rabbit, a coward, (more)