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gloss over
The trial was a scam. Had been from the beginning.
Hazel set in her chair, head held eye, staring at the judge, expression neutral. Before the sun set they would have her burned.
She would be known as just another witch meeting er rightful end. The books would glos(more)
Masayoshi was not technically supposed to have a key to the apartment. He didn't actually live there, of course - he still lived in a hotel room that he was spending increasingly less time in, but that didn't change the fact that he wasn't supposed to let himself in(more)
An aged fruit bears more seed than you think
Let the oligarchy FEEL THE BERN!
Panic is more bitter than tobacco, and the taste of it was still on his tongue as his breath dragged ragged from his lungs. He'd meant to yell immediately - to lash out, to do something but exhaustion made his words falter. Masayoshi stared down at him, expression gone(more)
we are all sonnets on the tip of a poisoned tounge
This is volcanic;
a brewing mix of thoughts and panic
bellowing below my feet to my fingers
feeding the haunts that linger
listless and eager
I am (more)
in moments of absolute clarity jinyoung would find himself standing over gatlin's bedside in the early hours of the morning, his fingers tacky with sweat, forehead melting into his eyes like the caustic sting of shampoo, and finally, with the soft slowness of sheets being pulled away from a(more)
Under the darkening night sky within small medium and large flimsy dwellings that are buzzing with artificial lights

Hanging onto the false sense of security that lingers in snug familiar family units before the day dawns

Inaudible speech of man woman and child - laughter or cryin(more)
In the darkness
The stars will rise
Awakening in the night
As rain crashes
Against the ground
Setting the stage (more)
No one likes a liar.
No one likes a tattle-tailer.

Especially no one likes someone too fake
Especially no one likes someone too honest
Eve pulled up, rounding on the plains to the east from the height of a dusty plateau. Her courser snuffed at her impatiently. She dismounted and offered it some water from her skin. Satisfied, it nosed around in the dry air and began nibbling at the scrub.
running, i'm done with

ah , ah , im passionless and I'm sad and

originality, i'm done with
I can't speak about it for too long. If I must I have to joke, casually play off the pain with my words and gestures, lest anyone see my weakness. I can only talk about how I want him to die, painfully and slowly, knowing what he's done and(more)
Ironically, Kageyama hates winter. He loves summer, in fact, even though Hinata sometimes says the cold would suit his icy eyes better, and though he says it like an insult Kageyama can hear the thread of a compliment in it (that doesn't mean he doesn't kick Hinata in the(more)