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line item
Line item four refers to expenditures.  As you can see, monthly revenue is listed in the following rows....

My eyes closed and I was lost to the world.  I floated motionless within the waters of an impossibly warm sea.  I had returned to the womb.  Thousands of years passed.(more)
Let me tell you about the best pair of pants I ever owned and why they're my favorite.  These pants are capable of protecting you in any situation.  They're  impervious to wind, water, fire, cold, ripping, and caustic chemicals.  Also, bullets fired at them bounce right off. (more)
His elbow bumped into the damp wall of the passageway and the flashlight jumped from his hand.  He watched it bounce hard on the concrete, then roll quickly away.  He watched with horror as it slid between the slots of an ancient bronze grate and fall from sight.  His only source of(more)
Oh, God.

Ichimatsu can't feel his feet. He can't feel his hands or his legs or stomach-he's numb to the world. The bus is almost comically thrown on it's side, bent in half due to the force of the train.
"Please," he hears Todomatsu whimper, and for once(more)
"Come /on/, Choro-nii, it's just a dollar!"
"I'm not having that, Todomatsu. You're too spoiled for your own good, and you're /not/ trying to get that toy. You've never gotten it before, have you?"
Todomatsu doesn't respond, instead pulling his lips together into an overdramatic pout. "That's just unfair,(more)
Jyushimatsu is like a dandelion.

Infectious and bright and /yellow/.

Ichimatsu nearly winces as he bounds into the living room, all noise and cheer and happiness. It's not like Ichimatsu hates all of that, not at all. It's just Jyushimatsu, and Jyushimatsu takes a few minutes t(more)
She never knew when exactly it would start, but knew when it had - her skin began to peel, her eyes began to change color, and horns would start to prick the spines of her back. This happened every once in a while when she was at her weakest(more)
It takes time to heal ruined relationships.

Ichimatsu knows it best, knows that being good for a week does nothing if you fuck up one day.

Still, Karamatsu forgives him. He can't say he's glad for it.

"Izumi said he saw you at the video stor(more)
From adjusting the blanket behind my back to kicking the kittens out of the room to avoiding the email from my son's teacher, I lost the thought. The closest I can get to it is, "I find..." It could have been a theory on death. It could have been(more)
They told her she was on the mend but she knew better. There was a whistle when she breathed, but it didn't come from her throat. It was in the center of her head somewhere, unleashing a thin and relentless vibration that hurt her teeth and earlobes.
Anxiety, when not attached to a specific event or thing, feels like a storm.  Arriving in gusts that blow through you, it swirls and gathers lift in an actual physical place just behind and under your heart.  You exist inside it, just as a sailor in his dinghy suddenly finds himself(more)
In a way, Ichimatsu knows he deserves better.

For all the crap he gives himself, he knows he's done better in life than the homeless people on the street or the criminals he's certain he passes in the alleys while he roams.
Still, even though he supposes he's(more)
Gaining sufficient altitude, the pilot set the plane at cruising speed and settled into his chair.  At the same moment, another man, seated in coach, stared out the window at the engine fairing. He had spotted something alarming.  A small panel had worked itself loose and was vibrating in a way(more)
"Oi, Karamatsu."
The sextuplet doesn't react, for once.
"Hey," Osomatsu says louder. "Crappymatsu, are you sick? Help me beat Todomatsu in paper rock scissors!"
Karamatsu doesn't even have his glasses on. The brothers have slowly stopped joking, each turning to stare at the situation that's arising.

The news announces the death of the fourth person to perish this week after summitting Everest.  A woman, I think, from altitude sickness. That mountain will forever kill people for the simple reason that up there, there is no air.  Unavoidably then, every ascent becomes a lottery with each breath slant(more)