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one eyebrow
The man I married had only one eyebrow. And what makes this especially strange is that the guy I had dated before him had a dream one day, and he asked "are you, by any chance, dating someone who has only one eyebrow"?
It was rare that Yosuke acted like this, wanton and desperate; he'd been all over Souji the second they'd walked into Yosuke's room, pushing him to the floor and straddling him and probing his tongue into Souji's mouth.  They'd made quick work of unbuttoning each others' shirts, Yosuke discarding his(more)
The night was clear and outside crickets chirped. Lark never wasted an opportunity to slip through her open window into the night air. Carefully she removed the screen from the frame and placed it against the wall. On her way out she grasped a blanket and wrapped it around(more)
The rain was falling in sheets, and Edda Pureheart smirked at the simple irony of it.  The weather in Camp Drybone had been inhospitable since she had arrived from Ul'dah; she had reluctantly stayed overnight in the hopes that it would clear up, but the downpour had gotten worse instead(more)
She always kept the windows open. Her parents looked down on her for it, and her relatives often whispered among themselves about the numerous illnesses to be caught and all the insects to be sprayed, but she always, always kept the windows open.
Ralph threw another lit cigarette out the window. The smoke spun ten stories downwards before the ember at its tip became indistinguishable from the orange sea of the streetlighted pavement. The music inside persisted as jam band bullshit and he was growing bored.
I'm ready to jump
To fly and be free
Away from my doubts
And bête noire
To a place
Where I can be me.
I wish to open this window of mine.
I want to see the world outside this room.
Its vibrant colors dancing on my gray walls.
The summer air brushing my face painting my cheeks red.
But alas I cannot. (more)
I wished with all my heart that things could be different.  That I could have re-wound time back to when my parents didn't forget to make my lunch or remind me to wear my coat even though I was old enough to remember now myself.  I wished that I could invent(more)
The edge of reality before me
My future is gone, no longer I see.
Voices fill my mind, like a tsunami.
Everything behind me, nothing ahead.
Now to the cliff, with a call I dread
One voice now said, “Ready to jump.”
the kids in this small
town are all ready to jump
at any chance to leave
Helen didn't like things that were black or white.  She preferred the middle ground.  "There's no such thing as being a little bit naked", as she and her friends used to giggle over in school.  It was true, but that was the kind of state she constantly longed for, a sort of(more)
not so much booming
in nature until humans
arrived on the scene
Push forward
Through the doubt
And acrimony
People will always
Be beyond cavil and philodox
So push on (more)
Toby fidgeted, hands turning his phone around absentmindedly in his hoodie pocket. He's never stressed this much over a text; he rarely even gave out the number of his crappy flip-phone straight out of '02, so no one ever really texted him besides his mom and other family members.(more)